Our personalised 'coloured' keys service enables you to add your business logo and details in colour on popular key blanks and head types.


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Your customers take their keys everywhere, 

make sure your name is on them!


Personalised Keys Features:


– Keeps your name on your customer’s keys

– Choose your own colours and design

– Option 1: your business details on both sides

– Option 2: your business details on side 1 & bright coloured reverse for key identification

– High quality colour, finish & durable

– Available on HD & Genuine blanks

– Other blanks available on request (subject to an extended lead time)



Minimum Order Quantity per head type:


– Round Head blanks: 250 (x50 per blank variant)


– Yale Head blanks: 100 (x20 per blank variant)


– Square Head blanks: 100 (x20 per blank variant)



Standard Key Blanks included in head type:


– Round Head blanks: 1A, 16JL, 25B, UL1, UL2, ASEC1, ASEC2, ER6, CLF1, U6P-112A


– Yale Head blanks: YL-CYL-KBA, YL-CYL-KBB, YA91, YAX1, MAG1


– Squire Head blank: ESMP5





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Alternatively, contact your local Area Sales Manager