Key Machine Safety

This list is intended as a constructive guide to help users operate machines safely. Please contact the supplier with any questions or comments.

  1. Always read and follow the appropriate product safety instructions.
  2. Always wear glasses or safety glasses when maintaining and operating key cutting machinery.
  3. Consider wearing appropriate footwear and protective clothing when operating key cutting machinery.
  4. Never operate machinery with hanging or loose clothing and jewellery that may get caught in the machine (such as ties, necklaces or long hair).
  5. Consider removing jewellery and restraining long hair.
  6. Only adjust the machine when power is off and unplugged from the mains socket.
  7. Be aware of all moving parts such as cutters, belts, brushes etc.
  8. Be aware that machinery gets hot during use. Do not touch cutters or lamp bulbs etc. until safe to do so.
  9. Never leave any spare parts or tools within the machine.
  10. Never adjust the machine when the machine is powered or in use.
  11. Never pour water or other liquids onto the engine or electrical connections.
  12. Always take precautions when changing sharp or hot blades and bulbs.
  13. Always stop the machine before turning or changing keys.
  14. Always use the correct tools for the task.
  15. Always use the safety guards correctly.
  16. Always switch off the machine when not in use.